Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Work in progress - Bryce Harper

Here's a work in progress on Bryce Harper - this measures 12x18.  Still need to add the crowd to it.

Friday, May 10, 2013

Troy Brouwer of the Capitals

Offensive Sports Team Names - NFL Edition

With all of the hub-bub surrounding the Redskins, here's a list of other football teams and the groups that are (or should be) offended by them:


Dallas Cowboys - the American Indian should hate this one more than the Redskins name.
NY Giants -  Dwarfs everywhere
Philadelphia Eagles - Well, everybody actually.

Minnesota Vikings - All honkeys of European descent

New Orleans Saints - All the sinners
Arizona Cardinals - The Catholic Bishops
St. Louis Rams - Guys that drive Chevy and Ford Trucks


New England Patriots - Communists and Anarchists (and probably some Indians)
Buffalo Bills - Everybody named William
NY Jets - Hot air balloonists

Baltimore Ravens - Cleveland Browns fans
Pittsburgh Steelers - Kleptomaniacs
Cinncinati Bengals - All guys named Ben

Jacksonville Jaguars - People that drive BMW's
Indianapolis Colts - Everyone in Baltimore

San Diego Chargers - People who suffer with Static Cling
Oakland Raiders - Wall Street Takeover artists
Kansas City Chiefs - Women, since they can't be Chiefs

So there you have it - 18 of the 32 teams in the NFL have got to be offending someone.