Monday, August 12, 2013

Baltimore Orioles baseball

Here's the completed Orioles' baseball. Took a total of around 8-9 hours of work.  Done with Prismacolor archival ink brush-tip pens and a few spots of acrylic paint.  Currently for sale..  Email or find me on Twitter at PaulNicholsDC.



  1. Paul, I 'found' you via the Orioles website's message board. Your artwork is sharp: Terrific baseballs (that's the way a bird should be -wild & raring to literally ride a longball out of the Yard!). Another favorite is your Frank Howard - bigger'n Life, shoot, he's bigger'n Griffith Stadium! (continued below)

    I have what I think is a great idea for baseball art: Mount Crushmore.
    Our Chris Davis' likeness is the new addition to the humongous stone visages of legendary sluggers. What do you think?

  2. Al - that is an AWESOME idea. We couldn definitely keep it as an Orioles' work - with Davis, Frank Robinson, Boog, and Eddie.

    You know, that's such a good idea, I'm surprised somebody hasn't already done it.

    I'm going to search the 'net to see if maybe someone's done something like that.

    It would make a great t-shirt.